Financial Planning

Making full use of financial planning services with KMP can make all the difference.  Being accountants we are in the best position to offer the best strategic investment advice as we have a greater understanding of your individual and business needs. 

Through our financial planning services company, KMP Financial Services Limited in Croydon are now able to provide you with comprehensive financial advice.

KMP Financial Services Limited, managed and advised in conjunction with Paratus Financial Planning, works with you to help you make the right financial decisions to help you achieve your financial goals. This involves identifying your short and long term objectives, understanding your investment motives and ensuring all advice is suitably structured. We have no ownership links, distribution or performance agreements with any insurance or investment company. This means you can be assured our advice is not compromised by any commercial influences – our advice is totally impartial.

The financial market place is complex and constantly changing, and therefore it is vital to have regular reviews of your investments, pensions and tax planning requirements. Our service is tailored towards developing an ongoing relationship as your advisor and we offer a robust service to facilitate this.

Our proactive and tailored advice on all aspects of corporate and personal financial planning includes:

  • Corporate Services.
  • Inheritance Tax Planning.
  • Investment Advice.
  • Pensions and Retirement Advice.
  • Immediate Care Annuities.
  • Elderly Client Services.

For further information, do contact us to arrange a no obligation meeting with one of our registered Independent Financial Advisors.