The government has announced that disabled workers who are working from home during the coronavirus pandemic can now benefit from financial support following an extension to the Access to Work scheme. 

Workers can now apply to the Access to Work Scheme for grant funding if they are disabled and need support to work from home because of coronavirus. The grant can help pay for special equipment such as a screen reader or support worker services. If they are travelling into the workplace and, due to their health condition, public transport is not currently a safe option, the grant can now cover taxi fares. This funding can be fast-tracked if the worker is in the clinically extremely vulnerable group. Finally, if the worker is anxious about returning to work and needs additional support, they can also get mental health support through Access to Work with a tailored package for up to nine months.

An Access to Work grant can be applied for online or over the phone: 0800 121 7479. The worker must apply for it; their employer cannot do so.