If you sell goods or material that can be sold from the internet, have you considered this form of sales platform for your business?

Providing access for your goods on the internet is a sensible strategy. If we have learnt anything from COVID it is the limitations on trade when social distancing – lockdown – is applied to reduce infection.

There are several “shop-type” solutions available that can be adapted to meet the needs of most businesses. In most cases these be linked to your present website.

You will need a method to collect payment at the point of sale, but again, there are several players in this market place and the fees charged are not prohibitive.

Internet based selling also opens up the opportunities to market your business online and promote your business with social media, advertising and email campaigning.

As the costs of setting up a virtual sales platform are modest when compared to the benefits this is an investment that should be considered. If you already have an online shop, but limited online sales, it may pay to consider promoting this facility.

If we continue to suffer social distancing regulations to control coronavirus infection, creating a lively, internet-based sales facility may be one way you can protect your income streams. Whilst it may not be of less use to service related businesses, where it can be adopted and encouraged, the benefits may make the difference between success and failure.